• Writing Coaching for Wherever You Are

  • I work one-on-one with people who want to write better, and who want a better relationship with writing.


    I have worked with people in all kinds of fields, including entrepreneurs, business leaders, clergy, non-profit, doctors, scientists, teachers, wellness practitioners, and more.


    I bring two things to every coaching relationship: The first is a wide array of tools and techniques that I’ve honed in nearly a decade of teaching writing at the University of Pennsylvania. The second is the experience and deep listening to help you pinpoint exactly where the barriers and hard points in your writing are, and create a supportive, structured environment for you to work through them.


    What I have learned as a teacher, a coach, and a writer myself, is that there truly is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all writing process, and that means every coaching relationship is also unique to you.


    The heart of my coaching practice is that I will give you the tools and techniques that align with your own strengths and goals, and then create the structure and safety for you to shape those tools into what you need, and build a process that works for you.


    We would be a particularly good fit if any of the following resonate with you:

    • You are great at your job but dread the parts of it that involve writing.
    • You have been told you’re a “good” writer, but find the whole process very stressful and unpleasant.
    • You feel held back in your writing by anxiety and/or perfectionism.
    • You identify as neurodivergent (autism, ADHD, etc) with or without diagnosis.
    • Writing always seems harder than it 'should' be and you don't know why.
  • Writing Projects for Daily Life

    Are you struggling with any of these writing projects?


    • Articles
    • Social Media
    • Project proposals
    • Books and Memoirs
    • Dissertations
    • Client-facing reports
    • Grant writing
    • Newsletters
    • Sermons
    • Promotion and renewal packets
    • Any other kind of writing where you'd like to have more agency, insight, and ease.

  • Customized Writing Profile for Adults:

    Map Your Unique Strengths and Process as a Writer

    Get a Custom Writing Profile Report, created for your unique brain, through two 1:1 assessment & coaching sessions. Your report will allow you to write in a way that works with your strengths instead of against them.


    If any of these apply to you…

    -Dread the parts of your job that involve writing

    -Have been told you are a ‘good’ writer but find the process of writing stressful and unpleasant

    -Have a vision that resonates when you talk to people, but struggle to (or just really don’t like to) capture it in writing.

    -Feel held back in your writing by anxiety and/or perfectionism

    -Are or suspect you are a neurodivergent adult

    … you have probably learned a model of what writing ‘should be like’ that is completely mismatched from what actually works for you.


    Dr. Jon Argaman is a neurodivergent writing coach, neuro-accessibility advisor, and Writing Professor at University of Pennsylvania who specializes in making the process of writing easeful, authentic, and fulfilling for adults.


    Your profile report will include:

    • Description of your unique strengths and capabilities
    • Where the hard points and barriers to your writing really live
    • Recommendations for how to shift your approach to a healthy, happy writing process that really works for you

    Fee: $650

  • Book A Session

    I offer several different packages, ranging from a free consult to see if we're a good fit, to short and focused sessions to help with a pressing project, all the way to a deep and transformative journey into your writing process. Choose the offering that works best for you!

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    Free Consult

    Free 30 minute chat to talk about your goals and see if we'd be a good fit.

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    Test the Waters

    Talk through absolutely anything in your writing life: a project, a place you're stuck, an uncertainty, an idea, a draft you're working on, a goal, a dream.


    You'll get clarity, actionable advice, a refreshing conversation, and insight into what works for you (and what doesn't). Includes one-hour coaching call + followup support over text for 2 weeks.


    Fee: $200

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    Go Deeper

    • Two 60-minute sessions + free 60 minute integration session = 3 hours of coaching
    • Offline commenting and editing for documents up to 3000 words
    • Additional sessions can be added @ $150/session

    Good for: When you have a project that needs to get done and/or you want to bring some more agency and ease to your writing process.


    Fee: $450

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    Magically Turn Big Ideas Into a Draft

    A deep, wide-ranging (and fun!) conversation about an idea, plan, or project, that we start to turn into an audience-facing draft right away during a 90 minute session.


    Good for:

    • Dynamic leaders who like to think out loud but struggle (or just really hate) to move from stream-of-consciousness thinking or vision-setting into writing
    • Anyone who wants a supportive, encouraging, and safe and supportive environment to bring an idea out of their head and into the world
    • People who want the process of document creation to be as fun as a conversation with a good, smart friend
    • People who are managing timelines and complexity, and possibly organizational tensions, amidst the need to continue producing smart or multi-layered work

    Fee: $400

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    Launch a Project + Accountability Checkins

    Get a larger writing project (e.g. a book, starting a blog, getting into thought leadership) off the ground, and get long-term guidance and collaboration to make sure it goes well.

    • Two 60-minute coaching sessions to take place the first two weeks of the partnership, covering goals and vision of the writing project plus an action plan
    • Five 30 minute coaching sessions to check on goals, progress, milestones, and obstacles.
    • Free integration session

    Fee: $650

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    Get Unstuck

    • One 45 minute mini-coaching call to push through your writer's block
    • Recieive fast feedback on what you're working on (up to 1000 words) with thoughtful questions to help you get unstuck

    Fee: $125

  • Past Clients

    "Jon has been an essential force in reshaping my writing abilities and demolishing the mental blocks that have plagued me for as long as I can remember. Working with Jon was a transformational experience that gradually dissolved my insecurities through a blend of academia, spirituality, and genuine care. Jon isn't just a writing coach; they’re a holistic mentor who showed me how to experience that joy of sharing my ideas easily, effortlessly, without hesitation or self-judgment"

    Maya Wong, Partner at Prototype Thinking Labs

    “If you have real ideas and would like to be held by so much care in crossing the threshold to start alchemizing them into tangible new & aligned opportunities, Jon is going to blow your mind.”

    Megan Goering Mellin, Ethics, Tech & Public Policy for Practitioners at Stanford University

    "I will never write sermons without you again. I couldn't have turned that blob of clay into anything coherent without Jon. It was really a team effort!! So grateful for your time and love."

    Rabbi Mónica Gomery

    "It's a very deep path Jon takes you down. Highly recommended for those seeking more inner permission for self-expression."

    Michelle Holmes, Integrative Holistic Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Breathworker

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  • About Jon

    I have taught writing at the University of Pennsylvania for nearly a decade. My background is in working with unconventional leaders, writers held back by anxiety and perfectionism, and neurodivergent writers.


    What I most love about teaching and coaching is working very closely with people one-on-one and creating the kind of safety and structure that makes it possible to make a lot of progress very quickly. I'm always happy when the people I work with write better and more effectively, but what makes me even happier is seeing students and clients overcome the fear, dread, and negativity that used to haunt them everytime they sat down to write, and instead write with confidnce and ease.


    I live in Philadelphia with my husband, our three-year old son, and an ever-growing herb garden.

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